Goderich, ON early morning storms of Sep 7th

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Long night ahead as storms set to impact Lake Huron shoreline around 11pm to midnight. Will set up shop in St Joseph to get some lightning shots.

This day wasn’t a big day by any stretch of the imagination and was going to be an overnight show along the shores of Lake Huron and SW Ontario. A lot of chasers headed out for the lightning show considering that Monday was Labour Day and most people had the day off anyways.

Surface analysis at 12z Monday September 7th

Headed out a bit early around 7:30pm to be in position in Goderich for 11pm. Had a bit of waiting to do, so spent a few hours sampling wind speeds before thunderstorms developed in Michigan and moved across Huron. Below are samples of before (61km/h) and during thunderstorms (71km/h and 82km/h) at Goderich Main Beach.

Several rounds of thunderstorms blasted us on the beach and we had to take shelter underneath a roof on the beach, but I managed to get several good lightning shots such as this one:

Lightning around 2am with me sampling wind speeds on bottom left 🙂

Winds were picking up and measured an 82.65km/h peak wind gust on the beach. Storm surge started rolling in and brought the pier fully underwater for several minutes, before retreating:

I wasn’t the only one sampling the storms and I am glad we had a place to cover our cameras and shoot lightning!

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