Edit a Chase Log from the H&H Mobile App

The H&H Mobile app publishes your chase log including your GPS track, photos, videos, and text shared during the live chase. This is a great way to fill your Chaser Website in H&H and showcase your chase experience with other chasers and weather enthusiasts.

Once the Chase Log has been published, edit your chase log to add text, photos, videos, YouTube videos, tweets and other content to tell your story. Here is a great example of Chase Log was edited to add amazing content: TORNADOFEST near Strong City KS!!

How to edit a Chase Log:

  • NOTE: This is best done on a laptop instead of your mobile device
  • Log into your Highways & Hailstones Chaser account
  • Click on Posts
  • Find the Chase Log you wish to edit
  • Edit your Chase Log by adding text, photos, videos and embeddable social content
    • HINT: Use the + icon to add blocks of content. For instructions on how to use the editor, check out this great article on the Block Editor
  • Under your Chase Log, in Post Options, select the type of Chase Log
  • On the right navigation bar, make sure you have your best Chase photo as the Featured Image
  • Click Publish or Update

Once you have a great Chase Log, share the Chase Log URL to your social media followers!