Publish a Manual Chase Log

A Chase Log is a Story that has been tagged to an actual chase. This is a great way to document and showcase your chase career to the Highways & Hailstones community.

Your Chase Logs will show on the Highways & Hailstones homepage and create your very own personal Chase Map on your Chaser Website homepage.

Currently, Highways & Hailstones support Tornado, Lightning and Structure Chase Logs.

How to Publish a Chase Log

  • Log into your Highways & Hailstones Chaser account
  • Create a Story
  • NOTE: If your chase is from the past, change the publishing date to one closer to the actual chase date by clicking on the date by Publish on the right bar
  • Under Post Options, select the type of Chase Log you wish to publish
  • If Tornado Log, you have 2 choices of tagging the tornado event
    • Search Tornado Database – This is the best way to tag your Story as a Tornado Chase Log. It will associate your story with the interactive Tornado Map
      • Make sure you’re logged into Highways & Hailstones
      • Find the tornado on the Tornado Map using the map and/or filters in the top right
      • Click on the tornado track
      • Click on Report from the tornado info box in the top left
      • Scroll to the bottom of the article and look for the text that starts with “Tornado”
      • Copy the series of numbers following Tornado
      • Enter these numbers into the Select dropdown on your Story
      • Click on the tornado event that is found
    • Tag Location on Map – If your tornado does not exist in our database, you can manually add the location to your map
      • Find the location on the map using the zoom and scroll features
      • Click on the map and a pin will be dropped
  • Click Publish