Publish a Story

Stories will be any type of post you wish to publish to your Chaser Website, including Chase Logs and blog posts.  The Stories will start to create a gallery of Stories on your homepage and may also show up on the Highways & Hailstones homepage and other related pages.

NOTE: Chase Logs are Stories that are tied to tornado events. Check out how to publish a Chase Log.

Publish a Story

  • Log into your Highways & Hailstones Chaser account
  • In the left navigation, hover on Posts and click Add New
  • Complete the following:
    • Title
      • Click where it says Add Title
      • Add the title for your Story
        • Examples:
          • Supercell Stunner in Southwest Oklahoma
          • Managing Storm Chaser Convergence
    • Featured Image
      • The featured image for the post is the banner image for the Story
      • Click the arrow to open Featured Image in the right navigation
      • Click Set featured image
      • Select an image from your Media Library or upload an image to use
    • Publishing Date
      • If publishing a story from the past, update the Publish date
      • Click Page in the right navigation
      • Click the date beside the Publish label
      • Select a date closer to the Story’s date
    • Story Content
      • To start writing text, click on Start writing or type
      • To add more content types, select the + sign and you will see the various types of content you can add
      • You can add as many types of content to create your Story
      • Once you are complete, in the top right click Preview to see your Story before publishing
      • Click Publish to publish your Story

Continue to add all your Stories. They will appear on your Chaser Website homepage in order from last published.