Update Your Chaser Profile

Your Chaser Profile is the start of your Highways & Hailstones Chaser Website.

Highways & Hailstones uses information from your Chaser Profile to create your homepage. Your profile Name and Profile Picture will show up across Highways & Hailstones. You may update it as often as you wish.

For a great example of a Chaser Profile, check out Travis Farncombe‘s Chaser Website homepage.

If you have not created a Chaser Account, join the community of Chasers.

Update your Chaser Profile

  • Log into your Highways & Hailstones Chaser account
  • In the top right corner, hover over your name and click on Edit My Profile or in the left navigation, click on Profile
  • Complete the following for a rich Chaser Website homepage:
    • If you are an Individual Chaser:
      • First Name
      • Last Name
    • If you are a Chase Group
      • Chase Group Name
    • Background
      • This is the hero image that appears under your name
    • Tagline (optional)
      • This will appear below your Name/Chase Company Name
    • Profile Picture
      • This will appear at the bottom of your homepage and with your name across Highways & Hailstones
    • Location
      • Your city and state/province/country
      • Example: Toronto, Canada. Houston, Texas
    • About
      • Your bio that appears at the bottom of your homepage. This will introduce you to the Highways & Hailstones community
    • Chaser Social (optional)
      • These are all optional, however, to gain social followers, add the URLs to your social accounts
  • Click Update Profile

NOTE: Your Chaser Website will not appear on Highways & Hailstones until you have published your first story.