Chase Logs

The storm chase logs of this tornado led by our experts

National Centers for Environmental Information reports:

Significant tornado damage was noted near Federal, Wyoming where eight structures were impacted along Mountain Shadow Drive and Mountain Shadow Lane. The tornado initially touched down just northeast of Federal, tracking south, before lifting south of Federal. Significant damage consistent with a EF-2 tornado was observed to a manufactured home just east of Federal, where the roof had been removed, garage destroyed, while exterior walls were left attached to the foundation and intact. The tornado continued south tossing numerous livestock and camper trailers. High-end EF-2 damage was observed to a single family residence farther south, where the roof and a few exterior walls were removed. A garage and exterior shed was also destroyed at the residence. The tornado continued south removing the roof of another home half a miles southeast of Federal. Numerous damage to roofs around the area was also noted.