Bird’s Hill, MB F0 Tornado of June 20, 1983

Dugald - Beausejour - Grand Beach

Figure 1 shows the surface observations at 7:00 am CDT, which shows large area of low pressure in Alberta, a cold front moving across eastern Manitoba and a warm front across western North Dakota. It appears that the cold front became stationary throughout the day, thereby spawning some thunderstorms across southeastern Manitoba, which ultimately led to two tornadoes on this day.

Figure 1. Surface weather map for June 20, 1983 at 7:00 am CDT (NOAA, 2020).

According to Environment and Climate Change Canada (2018), an F0 tornado touched down at 5:00 pm CDT near Bird’s Hill Provincial Park, MB. The track and width of this tornado was not documented by ECCC. The tornado caused no injuries, fatalities or property damage.


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