Canal Lake, ON F1 Tornado of September 10, 1984

Peterborough - Kawartha Lakes

About 7km northwest of Kirkfield, along the far northwest corner of Canal Lake, this small but fierce tornado left its mark on the normally serene landscape.

One of the only known witnesses, a man who was in his basement office at the time, noticed the darkening skies approach. It was only moments later that he realized it was no ordinary storm. Loud and disturbing sounds accompanied the tornado as it ripped half the roof off the modular home. Wondering if his house would collapse, the man rushed to the window to see a roaring debris-filled vortex exit his property leaving behind a narrow tattered mess of broken trees and defaced land. The tornado was short lived though, it would only go on for about 1km before dissipating just west of Rohallion.

According to Environment and Climate Change Canada (2018), an F1 tornado touched down at 4:30 pm EDT near Canal Lake, ON and travelled for 890 metres with a maximum width of 50 metres. The tornado caused no injuries, fatalities or property damage.


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