Cochrane, ON F0 Tornado of August 16, 1982

Timmins - Cochrane

This probable tornado touched down about 25 km west-northwest of Cochrane, and south of Driftwood siding. It mainly passed over woods where a narrow swath of trees were downed. However, a nearby hydro-power transmission line was hit, one of the towers being picked up, thrown and crushed by the tornado. Along Highway 11, a trailer was lifted off its foundation, a roadside garage had metal siding ripped off, and gas pumps were dislodged from their base. Vehicles nearby were affected as well, an empty truck was pushed 150m and a car’s windows were broken.

According to Environment and Climate Change Canada (2018), an F0 tornado occurred west of Cochrane, ON at 3:35 pm EDT and traveled north for 9.82 km. The tornado caused no fatalities or injuries, but caused $100 thousand dollars in property damage.


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