Dobbinton, ON F0 Tornado of May 16, 1982

Grey - Bruce

This odd landspout tornado resulted from a cold-core low-pressure system which was sitting over southwestern Ontario on May 16th. The tornado was seen and photographed by several people in the vicinity of Dobbinton, near the Grey-Bruce county line. It appeared as a rope-like funnel cloud which slowly moved ESE-WNW through the area, a rare direction of travel for tornadoes. Damage was fairly limited, with a small garage being turned over, and loose objects tossed about.

According to Environment and Climate Change Canada (2018), an F0 tornado touched down at 4:05 pm EDT near Dobbinton, ON and traveled for 2.65 km. The tornado had a maximum width of 60 metres, caused no injuries/fatalities but caused $2000 dollars in property damage.


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