Dunrobin, ON to Gatineau, QC EF3 Tornado of September 21, 2018

City of Ottawa

Figure 1 depicts the surface observations at 5:00 pm EDT, which shows a strong low pressure across northern Quebec with a cold front extending south across southern Ontario and southern Quebec. This cold front was responsible for triggering numerous supercells across the Ottawa Valley in the evening hours of September 21st, which ultimately resulted in seven tornadoes on this day.

There were seven tornadoes on this day:

Figure 1. Surface analysis at 21Z on September 21, 2018 showing mean sea-level pressure (MSLP) contours, surface observations, fronts and pressure centres (WPC, 2017)

According to the Northern Tornado Project (2020), an EF3 tornado touched down at 4:30 pm EDT west of Kinburn, ON. The tornado tracked northeast through Dunrobin before crossing the Ottawa River into Quebec, impacting Luskville/Pontiac in Quebec and causing substantial damage in the Gatineau, QC area before dissipating. The tornado travelled for 48.4 km with a maximum width of 1.5 km and maximum wind speeds of 245 km/h. The long-track tornado injured at least 10 people, but no fatalities were reported. This tornado caused an estimated 300 million dollars in property damage.


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