North Adams, MA F1 Tornado of July 11, 1984

Berkshire County

Figure 1 depicts the surface observations at 8:00 am EDT, which shows a cold front moving across the Great Lakes, which brought southerly winds to Massachusetts. This front became the focus for thunderstorms across western Massachusetts in the evening hours of July 11th, which ultimately led to this tornado.

Figure 1. Surface weather map for July 11, 1984 at 8:00 am EDT (NOAA, 2020).

The North Adams, MA F1 tornado of July 11, 1984 impacted Berkshire County in Massachusetts. According to NOAA (2019), the F1 tornado caused no fatalities or injuries, but caused $25 thousand dollars in property damage. The tornado touched down near Gallup Street at 7:40 pm EDT. The tornado travelled for 0.5 miles and had a maximum width of 50 yards.


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