Revere, MA EF2 Tornado of July 28, 2014

Figure 1 depicts the surface observations at 11:00 am EDT, which shows a low pressure in western Massachusetts with a warm front extending into New Hampshire. This brought southerly flow into eastern Massachusetts and helped trigger thunderstorms, which ultimately led to this strong tornado.

Figure 1. Surface analysis at 15Z on July 28, 2014 showing mean sea-level pressure (MSLP) contours, surface observations, fronts and pressure centers (WPC, 2017)

The Revere, MA EF2 tornado of July 28, 2014 impacted Suffolk County in Massachusetts. According to NOAA (2020), the EF2 tornado caused no fatalities, but caused 2 direct injuries and 4 indirect injuries and $4 million dollars in property damage. The tornado touched down near Dudley Street at 9:32 am EDT. The tornado travelled for 1.93 miles and had a maximum width of 660 yards.

Figure 2. Episode narrative for July 28, 2014 (NOAA NCEI, 2020).


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National Centers for Environmental Information reports:

The tornado touched down in Chelsea, where a window was blown out on Dudley Street. However, the overwhelming majority of damage occurred in Revere. Most of the damage was rated EF-1, but EF-2 rated damage did occur near Revere Beach Parkway.

From Chelsea, the tornado moved across the Chelsea River, directly across the Paul Cronin Memorial Skating Rink. Portions of the rink's roof were blown northeastward across Route 16. Numerous houses on Revere Beach Parkway were damaged, with one roof blown completely off. In that same area, large oak trees were snapped in half. Numerous trees were downed, some of which were lifted up and then deposited on top of houses immediately behind Revere Beach Parkway.

The damage was widespread throughout much of the center of Revere. The tornado traveled northward, following Route 107 or Broadway for the most part. Windows were blown out of town hall and the roof was damaged. A large birch tree was uprooted near town hall. Sixty-four structures sustained damage that ranged from siding torn off to roofs lifted or blown off. Thirteen of these structures (6 - 1 & 2 family homes, 3 - multifamily homes, and 4 commercial buildings) were deemed uninhabitable by building inspectors. Several store signs were destroyed. Debris from homes collected on fences. Trees fell on cars, a few of these crushed.

Revere High School also sustained damage, mainly to the exterior. Side panels, fencing, sidewalks, and air handlers on the roof were damaged.

Police reported a car that had been overturned at the intersection of Revere Street and Carleton Avenue. Finally, near the rotary at Route 60 and Broadway, a billboard was blown onto several cars.

City officials estimated that city owned buildings alone sustained at least 1.5 to 2 million dollars of damage.

While no major injuries were reported, several minor injuries occurred. An 86 year old woman suffered from a head laceration which she sustained from flying debris while standing outside a Dunkin Donuts. A two week old baby girl strapped in the back seat of a truck was injured when a board flew through the rear windshield of the vehicle. The board missed the infant but covered her in broken glass.