Whalen Corners, ON F2 Tornado of June 20, 1993

London - Middlesex

Described by witnesses as a stovepipe tornado, extensive damage occurred along a track that was 3.7 km in length and 50 metres wide. The roof was torn off of one home and an addition at the back of the house was levelled. A car on the property was tossed and flipped upside down. Insulation from the damaged house was found hanging from the few trees that were not snapped and uprooted along the tornado’s path.

According to Environment and Climate Change Canada (2018), an F2 tornado touched down at 3:10 pm EDT near Whalen Corners, ON. The tornado travelled 3.7 km with a maximum width of 50 metres. The tornado caused no injuries or fatalities, but caused $50 thousand dollars in property damage.


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