May 18, 2019 Carmen, Oklahoma

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The Forever Chasing team had little expectations for this chase day, but we figured since it was a Saturday in May, we should probably go watch the skies. 

We left Wichita around 1:30 pm with the Alva, Oklahoma area as a target.  As we approached Alva, we could see billowing cumulonimbus clouds just west of our location. 

The Storm Prediction Center’s Day 1 Outlook for May 18, 2019.                                                       

Storms developed quite quickly.  Hail was the primary hazard associated with them, but they created such a dynamic landscape.

A photo taken just east of Carmen, Oklahoma on May 18, 2019.                                                 

The sky became this dark, menacing, blue/gray/green mess as the storm continued to churn northeast.  The highway near the storm was lined with chasers enjoying the particularly beautiful scenery.

A severe storm producing large hail and heavy rain near Carmen, Oklahoma on May 19, 2019

We had a great time, took many photos and had the opportunity to chat with fellow chasers that we hadn’t seen since last year. 

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