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October 4 was an enhanced risk setup across the Central Plains and, feeling storm deprived after a month or two without chasing, I decided to pull the trigger. I connected with friends from Forever Chasing and we made our way west from Wichita by mid afternoon, initially targeting the Hutchinson area. It appeared this would be a day where Tail End Charlie would be the storm to be on, so the thinking was that we would need to chase south down the line as storms initiated and merged.

We intercepted our first storm near Pretty Prairie. It had some decent structure as it developed, but soon became disorganized as it was interfered with by a storm that was exploding to its south. We raced east and south to intercept this new storm as it moved toward the north side of the Wichita metro, getting out ahead of it near the town of Maize. As it moved across the north side of the city, rotation increased rapidly and for about ten minutes it appeared a tornado was imminent but, fortunately that was not to be. For the next two hours we were treated to a beautiful supercell with pretty structure and colouring.

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