Eastern Texas Panhandle – 2/26/2023

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View from Shamrock, Texas looking north. #txwx
View from Shamrock, Texas looking north. #txwx

A messy, high-end dynamics day unfolded across portions of the Eastern Texas Panhandle and Western Oklahoma. Storm motions were nearly impossible to keep up with – moving at 60-75 mph. While there were tornadoes, most were short lived and tough to track.

I started the day from Wichita, Kansas with a target of Erick, Oklahoma in mind. Figuring it was a good spot to sit with north/south road options, my team and I set out for far Western Oklahoma.

As the day went on, it was evident we needed to drift a bit further west, deciding Wellington, Texas was as good of spot as any. Storms quickly developed west of our location and we jumped on a supercell near Shamrock, Texas before bolting east to stay ahead of the 90 mph wind gusts.

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Nice work on the first chase of the year! Have you chased in Feb before?

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