Tornadic supercell near Russell, Kansas. June 22, 2022

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The day started off with an isolated supercell thunderstorm developing near Russell, Kansas. It was fairly classic looking initially, but became a high-precipitation supercell with time.

05:19 PM Lucas, Kansas
05:19 PM looking at the Supercell to the west from Wilson Lake, Kansas.

The storm slowly moved northeast, crossing over Wilson Lake. The photo below shows the view from atop a hill near the Wilson Lake dam as the storm approached.

Amazing storm! 05:37 PM
Amazing storm! 05:37 PM overlooking Wilson Lake.

We positioned further east along I-70 about 6 miles east of Wilson. The storm had fantastic structure as it moved over the wind farm.

Ellsworth, Kansas 06:34 PM
6 miles northwest of Ellsworth, Kansas 06:34 PM

As it moved east, the views continued to amaze. Low hanging clouds, rotation, and stacked plates galore.

Beautiful structure near Westfall, Kansas.
Beautiful structure near Westfall, Kansas.
More structure shots of the HP Supercell, near Wilson, Kansas.

Finally, the elusive tornado developed. Closer to sunset, and further to the east near Glendale, a brief rope developed and lowered, spinning up a brief debris cloud over an open field.

A brief tornado near Glendale, Kansas.

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