May 28, 2019: El Dorado, Kansas

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Storm Prediction Center Outlook:  Enhanced Risk

Target:  Central Kansas

Due to work restrictions, the team left Wichita around 4 pm with Central Kansas in mind.  Storms were developing over Wichita at 4, so we opted to see what may develop close to home, knowing full well we wouldn’t be in time for any storms northwest of Salina, or along I-70 near Topeka.

Storm Prediction Center’s May 28, 2019 outlook.                                                                               

Our first opportunity at a supercell came shortly after 6 pm as it developed over West Wichita.  We positioned ourselves near Park City for intercept.  The storm produced several funnels, but nothing persistent. 

The supercell approaching the Kansas Turnpike north of El Dorado, Kansas.                             

We followed the storm until it moved over the Flint Hills close to sunset.  It was still severe, producing greater than quarter sized hail, but given the limited road network, we opted to let it go.  However, it did make for a pretty sunset.

Sunset near Cassoday, Kansas as a supercell thunderstorm rolls nearby.                                   

As we headed back to Wichita for the evening, the sky was incredible.  Cameras couldn’t do it justice on just how cool the storm looked.

Severe storm after sunset near El Dorado, Kansas.                                                                           

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