Cloudscapes & Macro Tour | Southwest Kansas–Oklahoma Panhandle | 25 May 2021

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This seemed likely to be a down day. I languished near the surface low between Meade and Ashland, Kansas, watching a few cumulus percolate through the afternoon. There was a small chance this area might send something nice up and I spent the time photographing cloudscapes across the prairie.

Bubbling cumulus east of Ashland, Kansas — 2315Z

While I was there, I took the opportunity to shoot macro of some of the local critters.

Once it was clear nothing was going to happen there, I raced south toward convection in the north Texas Panhandle for a shot at a sunset photo op. Hustling to the vicinity of Slapout, Oklahoma, and wandering the grid wound served up a gorgeous end to a low key down day.

Abandoned building east of Slapout at sunset.
Crepuscular sunset east of Slapout
Mammatus sunset
Sunset anvil and debris clouds
Found hay bales and a windmill in the nick of time

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