2020-06-24 Dawn of the Rainbow Hunter

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I spent the afternoon installing the new to me RAM mount for my laptop and iPad in the Man Van and was feeling pretty proud.


Wednesday evening and it looked like the radar had a small band of storms to the North of me between Melville and Yorkton. I scrambled to pack up my gear (another important lesson I have learned along this ride is always have your batteries charged and your gear in a pile, nothing worse than a forgotten trigger or dead batteries) and headed out. I pulled over at Dubuc and checked on the radar again and it looked like the storm might actually co-operate! I was starting to get excited now. I might get the chance to get some lightning! I found a spot that had an old barn and I set up. At this point I was feeling pretty good about myself! I read the radar, got to the spot I wanted, early, and set up. Now all I had to do was wait and let the shots come to me, this is easy peasy! WRONG! So, so wrong. The storm died out, couple of rain drops and that was it. So being the calm and rationale person that I am I checked the radar in the desperate attempt to soothe my bruised ego. It looks like there might be something North of Yorkton, good enough, let’s go! Off to Rhein, Sask. I was late and the storm had passed. I ended up with exactly 0 lightning shots to show and a very muddy van. All was not lost however, as it turns out this was to be the origin story for the “Rainbow Hunter”. All that was left to do was go home and pout with a beer…

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