Minneola to Dodge City, Kansas Tornado: May 24, 2016

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One of the biggest chase days of 2016 occurred near Dodge City, Kansas. The date was May 24, and almost every chaser within 1000 miles came to chase.

We started off the day near Buffalo, Oklahoma. Waiting for storms to bubble up, we scooted north to Ashland. It was apparent that the more robust storms were firing near Minneola, so we continued north to get into position.

The first tornado of the day, near Minneola, Kansas.

The first tornado developed northwest of Minneola, and it didn’t let up.

Video from the Dodge City, Kansas tornado.

The tornado continued for about 40 minutes, missing Dodge City to the west by a couple of miles.

Timelapse of tornadoes near Dodge City, Kansas.

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