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It has been a long, windy winter and early spring here in Lincoln, Nebraska. I apologize for the lack of posts. I intended last year to post a lot, and it just simply never happened. This year I plan on making a lot more posts and doing a lot more to build my brand here and on other social media pages.

Last spring was okay. I saw a few weak, dusty spin up type tornados but nothing super crazy. Being new to Lincoln, I didn’t chase as much as I wanted because #1 I needed to watch my spending and #2 I wanted to make sure that my girlfriend wasn’t alone too much in the new place. I missed the tornado of the year due to a travel day, missed a few rain wrapped tornados, and only really chased for 7/8 days or so. I elected to stay north on the sterling city day so I missed that one as well.

The good news is I met some awesome people last year and I will be chasing with them again this year. I also have upped my “bug out” medical assistance bag, got emergency first aid certifications, and am rigging up my new vehicle to be the best storm chasing vehicle I have ever had. My livestream equipment is all up to date, I have a cell booster for the fist time, and my weather station is back up and running.

I am moving to Edwardsburg, MI on the first of June, so I will also be able to chase that area during the summer. I am excited to be back, stay tuned for some awesome stories and adventures!

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