2020-06-28 The turning point

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Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

I had been studying since mother nature put me in my place on Wednesday. I had been watching the radar and Twitter (thanks everyone!) and South West Manitoba seemed like the place to be. It had all of the ingredients for a great storm! Jump in the “Rainbow Hunter” formerly known as the “Man Van” and off East I go. A couple hours later I was in the beautiful little community of Oak Lake. If/When COVID screws off the family and I need to go camping there! I was really hoping to set up on the North side of the lake and catch some lightning, maybe get lucky and catch a reflection in the water. So, I got set up by the Marina and then. The wind came thundering down the lake, I guess I’ll try this spot a different time. Well shit, now where? I know, I will take the Rainbow Hunter down some back roads, they won’t turn to grease when it rains… I headed towards Preston and found a beauty of a little barn; the storm was moving towards me from the South West and I was getting my hopes up that I could get a shot of the lightning with this sweet little red barn. Well 656 shots before the rain started and I managed to keep the lightning just out of frame. Every time! Who the hell thought this was going to be a fun hobby! The rain was starting and since I was in the lean mean 2-wheel drive machine I got to a good road and headed South. So here I am sitting at the crossroad to go to Pierson or Tilston… discouraged and beat by mother nature again.

I looked at the radar and thought that Deloraine looked like the place to be, but I was pissed off and decided to head back West towards home. Got in to Sask and checked Facebook, looks like Deloraine was a perfect place for lightning shots. @%#^$%&$*!!!!! Went to Storthoaks and then Moosomin, DQ can help soothe a soul! Guess I got another “learning” chase under my belt, but I was sure feeling like I didn’t belong out here. Lessons learned – get East of the storm, set up, take pictures, move North East when it catches you, set up, take pictures, rinse and repeat.

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