2021-07-03 Another day, Another bust.

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Another low risk day, but there is always a chance!

Levi, Snaps (my Travelocity gnome) and I jumped in the car (the rainbow wagon is still out of commission from the Weyburn trip) and we headed East. Along the road we met up with Jordan from the Manitoba Storm Chasers. He had H3licity (you should go check her out) and she was sporting some sweet new Kodiak LED Lighting Light bars on all 4 sides!

so you're telling me there's a chance - Chance | Meme Generator

We ended up in Redvers Sask and setup for a time-lapse while we waited to see what mother nature was going to give us.

Turns out she felt like teasing us a little on this day and shot up a beautiful tower which got cut off from the surface and died….

I guess thats what we get for letting Snaps forecast the weather for us.

Looks like we have broke through the cap!
Looks like we have broke through the cap!
Another day, another bust….
Another day, another bust….

Just when we thought the day was a write off, we intercepted a pair of blizzards at Carlyle!

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